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We help customers make the right decision to look natural and take the critical decision to solve their hair loss problem Hair replace -ment is the customized solution which is unique for each customer's hair loss condition. This is the most advanced form of hair weaving/ hair toupee or hair restoration in the market. A lot of technical engineering goes to make these fit perfectly and give you an awesome look !

Undetectable hair for M E N


Advanced Hair Loss

I have got my CONFIDENCE back !


Advanced Hair Loss

I have got back my RESPECT !


Crown Area Hair Loss

I look COOL again !

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You Can Defeat Advanced Hair Loss Condition
You Can Defeat Chronic Hair Loss
You Can Defeat Crown Hair Loss

Trendz Ultra custom Hair Wigs/ Toupees will be designed to completely solve your hair loss problem premanently if you are experiencing from chronic /severe hair loss.Trendz hair wigs are most sophisticated hair systems in existence which guarantees to replace all your lost hair with an un-detectable hairline, and natural hair that appears to grow right from your scalp !


Combing your hair from the side and covering the baldness

Wearing a cap to cover your baldness

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will your hair wig replacement system look natural?
A: Trendz Hair Wig Replacement System is made by matching customers hair, color, quality, curl and gravity shift. The combination of all these elements makes the hair look natural and get your looks back. Our lace front hair wigs have an undetectable front hairline that is completely natural looking.

Q: How are you able to replace the hair and in my receding areas temple area?
A: We can replace the hair in temple areas because our treatments helps us to use skin bonding which the base disappears on the skin giving you an appearance as if hair is coming out of your own skin. This is with our lace front human hair wig systems.

Q: Do you use human hair or synthetic hair ?
A: We use Human Hair in our Hair Wigs/ Hair Pieces, which match your hair texture.

Q: What is the difference between Hair Wig, Hair Toupee and Hair System?
A: Well it's the use of terminology to communicate with Individuals suffering from devastating affects of hair loss. The technology applied with Trendz Hair Restoration Treatments takes into account face, age of the person, hair character, hair texture, hair color, white hair if any , parting of the hair, gravity shifts of the hair and life style. All these together makes a perfect Trendz Hair Replacement System, which can be referred to as any of the above. But for average companies in the market – they sell one type of wig which fits all and this should not be confused with Trendz Hair Restoration Treatment for Men and Women.

Q: Is it necessary to shave my head in order to wear a hair wig system?
A: If you choose the Skin Bonding method of attachment then we will need to shave the head in the area where you need Trendz Hair Replacement, alternatively if you choose our advanced micro clip system then you do not need to shave your head. It is entirely up to the customer and their convenience both methods are effective to give you a fantastic look after Trendz Hair Loss Treatment.

Q: What about Hair Weaving Wigs ?
A: Trendz uses advanced Technology from U.S.A to design, process and make your custom hair system, we have advanced from Hair Weaving Wig to Trendz Skin Bonding System and Trendz Advanced Micro Clip Hair System. Many individuals still refer to Hair Replacement as Hair Weaving. Hair Weaving is the old method which is full of issues and not a great practical solution. Our motto to provide a easy and workable solution for Men and Women with Hair Loss

Q: I want to have some transplants, Will wearing a hair wig hurt my transplants?
A: Many Customers use a hair wig system after hair transplant treatment. If the density of the transplants in the front is thick enough, a hair wig can be placed behind them.

Q: I live far away from your salon locations. You Say that I can go anywhere to have my monthly hair trims when I am wearing a wig system is their anything special that the stylist trimming my system must know?
A: If your hair wig system is simply covering the crown of your head then the stylist will simple pin the hair up and trim hair which has grown to match your hair wig system. You have to advise the hair stylist that you are wearing a hair system.

Q: What about hair breakage? How often will those hairs need to be added back to the wig system?
A: The Hair System/ Wig Hair is engineered to have a strength similar to Natural Hair. Natural hair has a normal tendency to break and fall in our day to day use. Trendz Hair Wig Replacement System is similar wherein you will have normal hair fall. If customer handles the hair system roughly there is bound to more then average hair fall which will need an hour of hair addition depending on hair fall. You need to take care of the Hair Wig System and use proper brush to comb.

Q: Do I really need two Hair Wig Systems?
A: Its our recommendation that when you go for Trendz Hair Wig Restoration Treatment you buy two you buy two hair systems. The reason is that when you are doing a clean up you can do the maintenance of the current system and put the next hair system. It also saves time and you have peace of mind that you always have a fall Trendz Hair wig/ Toupees to depend on.

Q: What is the life span of your Hair Wig System?
A: A pair of the hair system will last 2 to 4 years depending on use and maintenance techniques applied by the customer.

Q: Do you have Wigs for Alopecia Patients?
A: We have special Trendz Hair Wig for Alopecia Patients which are designed to get their looks back. We recommend customers to bring their pictures when they had their full head of hair and then tailor the Trendz Hair Wig Replacement System to suit each individual needs. Our Natural Hair Wigs are ideal to treat individuals suffering from all types of Alopecia from Alopecia Areata to Alopecia Universalis and Alopecia Totalis. Our Natural Hair Wigs may include full lace wigs for men and women having severe types of hair loss.

Q: Do you have Hair Loss Solution for Cancer Patients?
A: We do have light weight hair system developed for cancer patients, we do our best to give them a hair style they can manage and go through the chemo therapy with confidence during which which time they need it most, We know that they will grow their hair back and so our support is always there for them in the hour of need to ensure they look good and feel good during this challenging time. We also have a special discount for them, please ask our consultants about it.

Q: Is there Hair Color Fading?
A: We use Natural Human Hair in our Trendz Hair Wig Replacement System. Just like natural hair color fading will results from washing your hair and the bleaching action of the sun. Periodically, your hair color will need to be refreshed every six months. It is totally dependent upon each customer and their looks which they want to maintain.

Q: What type of attachment method do you use?
A: We have different types of Tape Attachments, Perimeter Attaching Liquids & Gels, and all- over scalp Adhesives. Of course we can also perform every other attachment method but these are the most practical when wearing a Trendz Lace Hair Wig System.

Q: What is trade off between some of the popular types of Hair Wig System you have?
A: Lace Hair Wig systems are the most natural looking wherein you can expose the front of your hair line, but its delicate and needs a lot of daily management. Whereas if you ask your stylist to design a system wherein you do not use lace in front then the system is more durable and the hair will be falling down naturally when parted covering the hair line and needs less management compared to using a hair system which needs to expose the hair line. Its entirely up to the customer and our hair experts will guide you and help you make the decision which works for you. We additionally have basic models of Hair Wigs such as our Hair Weaving options.

Q: Is Hair Wig System suitable for Individuals with sensitive skin condition?
A: Hair Wig System is not recommended for individuals with sensitive skin, we generally do a patch test to check whether the skin is ok for hair replacement and only then proceed. If you have sensitive skin we encourage you to seek advise from a skin doctor and we do not recommend use of Hair Wig Replacement System.

Q: How have you build your customers in your company?
A: We have built our company by building relationships with customers, by being honest, practical and listening to them mostly. We do not believe in a one time sale, we wow them with fantastic service and giving them the best Trendz Hair Wig Restoration Treatment in the market.

Q: What do you mean by Trendz Hair Fixing?
A: Trendz Hair Wig Replacement takes into account hair type, strand by strand , measuring the gravity of the hair as they fall on your face naturally. Trendz Hair Fixing uses a combination single knots and double knots in their technique to make the hair wig system. This method of hair system engineering gives it a natural look.

Q: What do you mean by Bollywood Wigs?
A: We have huge clientele of customers from actors, actresses, stage performers, sportsmen and celebrities. We have deep understanding of the latest looks and styles which are popular in Bollywood and are able to replicate the same for our customers.

Q: Which are the two places you have your hair replacement centres?
A: You can visit us at Trendz Hair Replacement in Mumbai – India , or Trendz Hair Replacement in Colombo – Sri Lanka. We respond to all customers inquiries within 48 hours. Contact us today and visit one of our hair clinics for hair loss treatment.