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Giving back to the community after years of growth is not only ethical but a social responsibility. Trendz centers in Colombo and Mumbai make it a point to support different communities that are in need. If you would like to be apart of our efforts of giving back, please get in touch with us with the dialog box below or email us directly.

Community Projects

Free Hair Wigs

Trendz makes it a point to issue four undetectable full cap wig systems per year to those suffering form medical related illnesses where hair loss is a direct result of the illness or indirectly through treatment. Our main focus are young girls as for them, hair is an essential part of their life and a psychological boost to their road of recovery.

Our natural full cap hair wigs are made form 100% natural hair and are undetectable to sight. For more information on this, please contact the closest Trendz Hair Center in your area.

Flat 50% OFF on Hair Wigs

For those suffering from medical related hair loss conditions where hair loss is a direct result of the illness or indirectly through treatment, Trendz offers a flat 50% discount on natural hair wig systems. This is offered to those who were not able to take advantage of the free hair wig quota system. In order to qualify for this, the hair loss sufferer can visit our center and show a medical certificate to validate their medical condition to take advantage of this program.

The above two programs are ones that Trendz works close with the National Cancer Hospitals in the respective regions in Colombo and Mumbai to help the unfortunate.

The trail initiative taken up by Sarinda Unamboowe and Nathan Sivagananathan to help build a cancer hospital in Jaffna is a great project to promote the trials and struggles of those sufferers. Trendz Sri Lanka is proud to have supported their cause as a social uplift to the community that provides much needed support for people that cannot easily access help. The cause helps bridge social and ethnic barriers in Sri Lanka after a prolonged 30 year civil war .

To most of us, our pets are family members and there are many four legged friends that are left to destitude and street life. Such organizations like Animal SOS Sri Lanka looks towards helping man’s best friend that has unfortunately no one to turn to. This organization helps look after many dogs that do not have homes and those that have great disabilities that have very little opportunity to be adpoted by families.

Trendz as an organization has a strong emotional attachment such programs and have donated dog wheels to the organization so dogs with walking disabilities can be mobile again!

Water is becoming an even greater commodity where there are many communities in India that do not have this luxury which we take for granted. Most do not have access to clean drinking water and many more communities have to make do either tra -velling great distances to draw water or to share public access water with thousands.

The Pani foundation in India is more than an ethical dilema and it becomes every individual and organizations duty to help the unfortunate gain the basic requirements to live. Trendz Sri Lanka and India is in the process of making the Pani foundation more recognized with its own customers so their is greater awareness of the problem and hopefully create collective minds for a long-lasting solution.